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Northern Midlands Medical Services – incorporating Longford Medical Centre and Perth Doctors Surgery

Latest News

Hay Fever

Don't Suffer, please call the surgery to discuss options for Hay fever treatment with your GP.

School Vaccination Program

NMMS has successfully completed 2018 school vaccinations for Meningococcal and Human Papillomavirus at our local High Schools. Our Practice Nurses are still available at the Surgery should anyone require further immunisations.

Solar Energy Conversion

NMMS are now energy neutral and power failure proof. 15kw solar array and 27kw of battery storage ensure back up for our essential loads including vaccine fridges, lighting and computers.

Practice information


Northern Midlands Medical Services (incorporating Longford Medical Centre and Perth Doctors Surgery) serves the people of Longford, Perth and surrounding areas including the towns of Cressy, Bracknell and Poatina.

We are an AGPAL accredited practice and are proud to have received the RACGP National General Practice of the Year 2007 Award. The practice has District of Workforce Shortage classification and we can accept doctors through the Rural Locum Relief Program.

Both branches have multiple consulting and nurses rooms, and are fully computerised.


We work with the following values in mind

  • patient service
  • honesty and mutual respect
  • innovation
  • a safe and secure work environment
  • consistently high quality medicine
  • dedication and commitment to the practice and to one another
  • continuity of patient care
  • participation in professional development