Our practice deals with complaints in a courteous and understanding manner. Perceptions of what is reasonable and fair can change when patients are unwell or anxious.

Patient satisfaction affects health outcomes and our practice acknowledges that patient complaints are an important source of customer feedback. Our practice provides patients with the opportunity to provide compliments, complaints or suggestions.


Every complaint should be acknowledged, investigated and remedied. The acknowledgment should usually given within two working days. The time scale for the investigation and remediation will vary according to the complaint.

In investigation of the complaint the following are addressed:

  • What is the complaint about
  • What system, individual or procedure caused the complaint to arise
  • How can we learn from the complaint?
  • What may be done to rectify the situation
  • Should further assistance be required e.g. Referred to the Practice Principal
  • How and when will feedback be given to the complainant

If an investigation finds that a staff member is at fault the incident is to be immediately discussed with the staff member and action taken as to whether further discipline is required.

Complaints (de-identified if necessary) may need to be discussed at staff meetings so that everyone may discuss and learn from the outcomes. Focus should be placed on the complaint, how it was resolved and how it might have been better handled.

These are stored confidentially in a file by the Practice Manager.

If no resolution can be made through the above process, patients should contact the Health Complaints Commissioner by telephoning 1800 001 170.