I grew up in Longford and completed primary school here. I studied Medicine at the University of Tasmania during which time I met and married my wife Fiona.

We worked at the Launceston General Hospital and then at Smithton in Northwest Tasmania, before joining the practice in Longford in 1999.

I have been Censor in Chief of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Chairman of the Board of Examiners. In these roles, I have examined Fellowship candidates in every state of Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

General Practice appeals to me as I enjoy seeing different generations of families and the importance of family members to each other, and to the community in which we live. I also have an interest in Aboriginal Health and have been visiting Flinders Island on a monthly basis for over 19 years to work at the Flinders Island Aboriginal Association Health Centre.

My particular interests are the management of patients with multiple chronic illnesses, and doing minor surgical procedures including vasectomies.